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VIII Meeting of the WNICBR in Menorca, 2018

The VIII Meeting was held in the island of Menorca from the 22th to the 26th of May 2018, with the aim of strengthening coordination among partners and advance in mutual learning and networking.

Organizing entities:

The Meeting has been organized jointly by the MAB UNESCO Secretariat, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency, the National Parks Autonomous Agency (OAPN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Environment of Spain and the Jeju Biosphere Reserve. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency has assumed the the logistics of the conference and other operational aspects.


More than 60 participants representing 42 biosphere reserves from 32 different countries have attendend the Meeting, as well as the UNESCO MAB Secretariat, the Autonomous Body of National Parks of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry of Spain, the Biosphere Reserve of Jeju and the MaB Committee of South Korea, and the Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Technical workshop:

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency organized a training Workshop for biosphere reserve managers, held on 25-26 of May at the Island Council of Menorca, in the framework of the VIII Meeting.

The workshop sessions focused on the following topics: Indicators systems, Gender perspective, Fisheries, BR Brand, Energy and socio-economic metabolism, Geological heritage, Land stewardship and Marine litter.

Access all the documents, presentations, photo and video gallery through the links below.

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